10 main SMM trends that will dominate in 2022

Future SMM trends

The past year has been challenging for several reasons. One of them is a sharp increase in Internet resources aimed at sales. Due to the closure of offline outlets, several businesses moved to the Internet and opened online stores. In this regard, the second problem arose – the lack of worthy specialists. The growth of interest in the profession of smm-manager increased, but there was not enough knowledge.

1. Adaptation for sales on social media platforms

This is the simplest and most affordable option, in which a regular profile turns into a commercial one. And if earlier there was a possibility of promotion outside the virtual space, it became necessary to do without such an addition. Therefore, the previously existing accounts received a second life and a significant push forward because they had to be reworked, supplemented and focused on sales here and now, not in the long term and “after fitting”.

This trend has just begun to develop and will continue in the coming year. Leading marketers are currently investigating how users actively respond to such pages, which will ensure that guides will appear soon. These recommendations will help you create a unique yet understandable algorithm for attracting buyers using simple platforms.

2. IGTV as a new culture

The rejection of television for many representatives of the new generation is quite understandable and justified because, in the vastness of the network, you can find any program, if necessary. However, this format is outdated because it lacks topics and statements that require acuteness.

It is much more interesting to watch the “live” shows, which have already been based on IGTV. It is a long video file format that is recorded and saved on a social media page. The format has not yet been developed into full-fledged variants that could replace television formats. However, as professionals assure you, such a transition is only a matter of time.

3. Native advertising is optional.

Just a few years ago, the trend of native advertising became popular. This is a format that initially and at the first stages seemed like a panacea in product promotion.

The bottom line was the naturalness of the recommendation; that is, the blogger seemed to accidentally tell subscribers about a miracle cream or other product options, a thing that he used for a long time. Such a simple approach really worked, but now, due to the high demand for such a promotion and low professionalism, such approaches are relatively cheap and look unnatural.

Because of the overload of native advertising, many influencers are already abandoning this format, honestly declaring that “the next story is advertising”. This approach may be valid for a specific time but will soon disappear. With a high probability, experts envision the emergence of a different trend, a more unique and exciting approach. Regardless, brands are increasingly abandoning native ads.

4. Guest star

There are a lot of influencers in the vastness of social networks; it is simply impossible to unite them due to the colossal difference in opinions, approaches and other important details. Nevertheless, some leading companies are already disposed towards a detailed selection of personalities that are interesting to the main audience. They are supposed to be invited temporarily as the chief editors of the brand page.

Thus, users will receive unique content from an interesting person whose task will be to promote. So far, such experiments have not been carried out, but soon this is predicted as a reality.

5. User Content

The desire to get to the top, to get noticed pushes people to create unique and, which is important for companies, free content. After making a purchase, many people tend to talk about a new product and publish posts or stories with brand marks. This is the format that will continue to exist on Instagram in 2022. 

It is difficult to talk about this duration because the deal is essentially mutually beneficial. A person gets a nice gift or a discount on a product they like if they choose to publish it, and the brand gets almost free honest advertising.

6.TikTok Trends

The new format burst in unexpectedly and glorified many. Short, vivid and interesting TikTok videos don’t take long to watch and explore. Do not deceive yourself – some specialized topics are already covered in a similar perspective, while they do not lose their information content, but they capture interest. So it is possible that in the near future, videos from “stars” will become more popular, the length of which will be several tens of seconds, and the script will grab attention.

7. Sharpness versus tolerance

Society is now torn into those who are not shy and not afraid to speak out harshly and those who prefer to express thoughts as loyally as possible in relation to any group. Therefore, advertising companies will eventually begin to split more clearly. This should be taken into account in 2022 and in such an area as SMM. There is no right or wrong policy here; it is only important to decide on a time and take the chosen side. Otherwise, it will be possible to cause a negative reaction from absolutely all user groups.

8. Uniqueness

It is quite difficult to find new formats, especially when a person is restricted, including freedom of movement. However, the past 2020 gave a lot of interesting and unique options for promoting accounts, increasing activity on them. Hopefully, on the wave of creativity, such trends will continue in the coming year.

9. We continue communication

Due to the lack of other communication options, the activity on social networks has noticeably increased. Large companies were also subjected to a similar influence because often users could independently find the necessary data, but because of the desire to communicate, they turned to the operator for help. Such an attentive and patient approach, according to experts, will only last in 2022.

10. Disclosure of “personal.”

Many brands have shown a certain amount of creativity and have gradually begun to talk about more “personal” details for lack of more suitable material.

These could be publications dedicated to certain workers or disclosure of production details. Nevertheless, the format was interesting. The same applies to individuals who began to reveal secrets. By sharing an opinion on a specific topic, the influencer got more interaction with the audience and found like-minded people. Such publications, which caused a resonance, are likely to continue this year.

It is important to note that it is not worth implementing each trend despite the popularity of each trend. It is necessary to select the most suitable ones and introduce a new tool with special care. After all, this list is not an action guide but rather observations and recommendations.

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