SEO Best Practices: 10 Things to Keep in Mind for SEO

Yes, you have a nice website, but you have a bit of limited traffic. Have you thought about keyword optimization? To succeed with your website today, you need to do your SEO or search engine optimization. We live today in a searching society where everything is possible Google. If you want to be at the top of the search results, you need to keyword optimize your website.

Keyword optimization is an ongoing task, as Google’s indexing and updates occur regularly. It’s a bit like social media. You have to keep up with the turns to be good, quite simply. Keyword optimization costs nothing but your time. If you also do it yourself, your job can increase traffic and probably better sales if you have an online store. So what are you waiting for? Here are 10 SEO tips and tricks in 2021 on how to improve your SEO for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

1. A Cruel Title

The title represents a large part of your keyword optimization and must be both relevant and searchable for the website’s content. For example, you should use something like “Buy shirts for the man – Shirt company name” if you run a shirt company.

2. Use Headings in Your Texts

Mix headlines and subtitles for a smart breakdown of your content. You should use a headline and divide the remaining content into subheadings. Feel free to mix the kind of subheadings as well. The better the breakdown and the more readable, the higher up you will be seen in the search results. For example, in the Yoast plugin for WordPress, you will see this result under the “Readability” section. When green, your content is well-organized and easy to read.

3. Use Clean and Short URLs

Search engine optimization includes the use of logical and good URLs. A URL should tell you about the page you are on. Do not be a mystery. Do not let your website’s URL be ex. Instead, replace it with

4. A Good Meta Text Can Make Searchers Choose You

In 160 words, you should capture a visitor’s interest and tell why it should choose your website and no one else. Be short and concise in your wording, but as clear and informative as possible. In the past, meta text was much more important for search engine optimization. It is less important today, but it is far from irrelevant. An example of this is “Buy high-quality shirts. New Yorks’s largest selection of shirts. Free delivery within 3 days to your door.”

5. Content: A Mix of Selling and Relevant Content

Many people fall into the trap of just selling text and repeating the keyword they have chosen too many times. An example is that the shirt company we mentioned above overuses the word shirt. Google and other search tools will then lower your rankings due to overuse. Try to use the word shirt in the right amount instead and then use synonyms and different inflexions on the word. This means that you also avoid being annoying to the reader. An informative and relevant text is what you should aim for.

6. Do not Forget the Caption.

Something very many people forget is to name the images used on the website. The images also have a so-called ALT tag that describes what the image contains. It must not be forgotten. For example, if we had a picture of our men’s shirts, the tag would be “Our men’s shirts”. If it were a picture of all our ties, it would instead be “Our ties”. A good caption and ALT tag improve your keyword scores.

7. Mobile Adapts Your Website

Google is at the forefront of much of the Internet. They, therefore now also rank sites that are mobile-adapted higher than those that are not. Websites that are mobile-friendly perform better in today’s market. Especially since the majority of searches today happen on a mobile device and not on a computer.

8. Link Externally and Internally

By linking to other companies in the same industry, bloggers who may have exposed your product or other relevant websites for your company, you can climb in the search results. In addition to this, you should also use internal links. Examples of internal links can be, for example: “Show all men’s shirts”, where the HTML code will be

<a href=””> Show all SEO Ideas</a>

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9. Do not Duplicate Content!

Do you have a lot of text in several places on your website that is the same? Take it away. Write about it from scratch. Use synonyms and other content variations so as not to lose your ranking in the search results. It is important to keep the content unique, even in the form of synonyms and minor adjustments. Also, do not copy content from other places on the Internet but do your thing. The more unique and unique, the better the search results!

10. View your Website Structure Through a Sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file that shows the structure of your website. This should be available on all websites. It is this file that Google’s robots use to analyze the website and find content.

Now we have gone through 10 tips on how you can improve your SEO and what to keep in mind when working with your content. There is a lot to think about, and of course, it is a lot of work. If you are at the forefront of SEO and stay up to date, you have a lot to gain. It can be the cheapest way to generate an excellent profit – if you have the patience to learn and become an SEO professional.

There are also some shortcuts. Among these, Yoast, a WordPress plugin, is very highly ranked and easy to use. Yoast comes in a free version and a premium version. Try the free version first to understand the principles and upgrade to Premium when you want to sharpen your SEO further.

Good luck!

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