4 Great Benefits of a Chatbot

Benefits Of A Chatbot

During the pandemic years, the role of the traffic school’s receptionist, the very heart of the business, has changed. Many of the tasks that were previously handled on the school’s premises now need to be able to be handled remotely. In some cases, the mobile phone has become a more important tool, but we also meet many schools that want other contact routes in the future and then chatbots are a hot topic. Our digital specialist Shaaz talks here about the many benefits of a chatbot.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is software designed to simulate a human conversation and which with the support of AI (Artificial Intelligence) can communicate with your web visitors and answer questions. With a good chatbot, you can streamline your communication and take care of the most common questions in a fully automated way.

4 Great Benefits of a Chatbot

Increased availability

A chatbot works around the clock and responds immediately. Your web visitors do not have to search around the site or long waiting times in a telephone queue. Instead, they can choose when it is appropriate to get help from the chatbot who has the answers ready.

Improved customer satisfaction

Web visitors receive direct answers to questions and concerns and can be directed towards a purchase, which means that management is significantly speeded up at the same time as you improve your customer satisfaction.


Many of the questions from your customers are exactly the same and that kind of routine questions the chatbot takes care of without the slightest annoyance. In addition, a chatbot can handle an unlimited number of web visitors at the same time, as it does not depend on one person sitting and managing one at a time.

Increased Job Satisfaction

When the chatbot answers the many routine questions, more time is freed up for the receptionist to take care of more complex questions and sales opportunities, which in turn increases job satisfaction.

In summary, chatbots have a number of benefits. Among other things, they can make your company more accessible, free up more time and increase productivity while constantly working to increase customer satisfaction.

Are there any disadvantages? Because chatbots are not human, they do not understand emotions and can not read the mood of web visitors. Therefore, it is a good idea that the chatbot can offer an opportunity to talk to a real person.

In addition, a chatbot only answers questions they have been programmed with and the answers can sometimes sound mechanical. How can you then make a chatbot feel human and as a good alternative to the student’s first contact with the school? Here we have found a good solution that we have specially adapted for traffic school operations. We are happy to talk to you about this.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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