4 Best Tips On How to Use TikTok As A Marketer

Here are 4 best tips and tricks for how you as a marketer can use the new platform TikTok to reach Generation Z.

TikTok is the new social platform where most users are between 16-24 years old, i.e. an age category that many marketers want to access. TikTok is a video platform similar to YouTube, but with a shorter and faster format in the style of Instagram. Young people flock to the platform to look at what others are doing and create their materialAs a marketer, you have great opportunities to reach this target group, a few companies are currently there.

Most-followed TikTok accounts

The app has been downloaded over 3 billion times and has 1 billion active users in worldwide. In other words, you have the opportunity to get widespread, but that presupposes that you do the right thing. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Build your authority score

TikTok assesses how much influence you have and gives you an authority score. However, this score is linked to which specific category your films fit into, for example, comedy, memes, dance, vlogs, creation / DIY and hacks. If you have a good authority score in the comedy category, it does not help if you publish a video in the memes category.

Therefore, you should focus your account on a specific category and stick to it. Which category you are judged to belong to depends on your first five video uploads, so you need to be specific and focused on your content right from the start. Suppose you want to act in different categories. In that case, you should have different accounts because it is very difficult to get a high authority score in several categories on the same account.

2. Increase The Number of People Watching Videos

With all campaigns; you need to customize your videos for good distribution. To do this, follow a few simple steps:

a) Have short videos – TikTok has an upper limit of 60 seconds but recommends that the movies are only 9-15 seconds long. The shorter, the better.

b) Loop the clips – Your videos are counted as seen when the entire clip is viewed, and one way to get over 100% completion rate is to seamlessly loop the clip so that users see it multiple times.

c) Challenge with the punchline – It is common to carry out some form of challenge and then comes a final punchline. Many people know this and are therefore waiting for it. Therefore, make sure to get your viewers used to it coming, so more people will see the whole clip.

d) Have the right music – Many clips use music to make it more fun to watch, but be careful which songs you choose. Some songs are part of a dance challenge, so check that the song you are thinking of does not have a different connection.

  1. Copy what others are doing

TikTok encourages its users to copy what others have done and make their version. There are, therefore, hundreds of videos that look more or less the same. It may seem tedious, but TikTok’s algorithms control the flow so that users get more videos similar to the ones they liked. Therefore, it is entirely proper to copy; it does not count as theft but rather trendy.

  1. Follow the norm

TikTok is owned by a Chinese company, which controls videos in two steps: first by an AI and then by humans. People attribute an “integrity score” that will be higher if your clip fits what TikTok considers to be the norm for a particular geographical region. A higher integrity score gives a greater spread. Therefore, you should see which types of clips are widely distributed in your particular region and do what they do.

There are still very few who market their goods and services on TikTok, probably because few understand how to do yet. Hopefully, with this short guide, you can start creating content that gets a good distribution and make sure to reach those people in Generation Z who are not on Facebook, lack TV, use adblockers and are generally difficult to reach.

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