5 content ideas that drive sales

content ideas that drive sales

You probably already have a description of your product or service on your website. These 5 content ideas will help you sell it.

There is a concern about making the wrong choice with every major investment. Instead of driving our heads down in the sand, we can take advantage of the anxiety in the content we create and publish online. This method is especially useful in inbound marketing because it helps customers make their own decisions and conveys a positive feeling that instils security.

1. What solves your product or service for problems?

When you talk about your product or service, it is easy to focus on the finished solution, the processes or the functions you have developed. But to really understand the benefits of your solution, you also need to understand and narrow down your problems and concerns.

Therefore, make sure that your customers understand what frustration, problems and risks they would reduce if they chose your product or service. Also, describe why it is important and what happens if you do not make a change?

2. What does it cost?

The issue of cost may feel a little inconvenient to address online, but it always comes up whether you want it.

Many companies feel that they do not want to list their prices publicly on the site. It is often because you are afraid to scare away customers or reveal trade secrets to your competitors. But just as your salespeople know your competitors, your competitors already know approximately what you charge for your products and services. The difference is that if the buyer finds prices with you, there is the greatest chance you will be contacted.

Despite this, there may still be reasons not to have prices public. Sometimes prices are not fixed and need to be configured and adjusted. Here, too, you can offer that opportunity by creating various forms of calculation tools where the customer can get an idea of ​​what investment would cost or what they could save in the event of a. change of supplier.

So if you do not want to or can publicly tell about your prices, you can still account for which parameters affect the price.

Try to be helpful and transparent about costs and explain what affects the price. Also, feel free to mention costs that arise later if you do not complete the purchase.

3. What are my options?

Once you have presented your product or service, there is a good chance that the buyer wants to check the alternatives. Probably by contacting a competitor or reading up on the right choice online.

You can anticipate this by helping the buyer make the comparison by having an article ready to go through the pros and cons of different options.

Address the questions and problems they will ask about your product and describe why they are not a problem.

4. References from customers

Nothing weighs as heavily as good, honest reviews from customers themselves. Prepare several customer cases that address problems, solutions and results.

When you create a customer case, feel free to try to involve your customers in the reference case itself and let them tell you in their own words how the choice to hire your company went, how they experienced the collaboration and what it solved for them.

If you record this with video, you should also be able to use it in several other formats such as—podcasts, blog articles, social media posts etc.

5. How do I convince the boss?

There is a good chance your customer’s manager or management will be involved in a purchase. The management is usually most interested in what your solution solves for problems and how it is better than their current solution. You have come even further if you can also argue for what it would save in terms of time and money.

Therefore, have content that describes ROI and what your product or service adds on a strategic level.

If you write blog articles, feel free to supplement with infographics or graphics that clearly show the benefits of your solution. You can also prepare a presentation in the form of a video or Powerpoint that can easily be sent with a link to the person’s manager and management team.

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