5 Tips for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories was launched in 2016 and is used daily by 500 million users. A survey from Instagram also shows that every third person has become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on Instagram Stories. In this guide, we talk about how you can create content that helps your business stand out on Instagram.

Read Instagram’s survey here. 

1. Place the text in the centre of the screen.

When a story is sponsored, it gets a mark in the top right corner that tells the user that the story is sponsored. When users can quickly identify a sponsored story, they become more likely to click through. 

An easy but effective way to draw attention away from the selection in the top right corner is to place your message in the middle of the screen or closer to the link at the bottom. 


We tend to look at what is moving and place the text in the centre of the screen. Also, use moving elements such as decals, emojis, and GIFs in your stories. 

2. Do not forget the logo.

Many brands spend a lot of time on content production, not to mention the perhaps most important… logo! 

A story is visible to your followers and to users that you reach organically or through marketing. This means that users who see your stories may never have heard of you or your products before. 

If your stories do not have your logo, it is easy for the user to miss who the sender is. Therefore, as a rule, always add the logo to the content.

3. Use of videos 

Our attention span is getting shorter; the lowest is for the younger generations. Video holds our attention up to 5x longer than still images. By using video instead of still images, you can capture attention and reach even in a short time. And keep in mind that, like many other formats, the first three seconds of the content also count for Instagram Stories. Here it is important to catch the attention quickly. 


If you do not have the resources to create lots of video material, you can use, for example, Photoshop to create GIFs. It is a simple but cost-effective way to create moving material to, for example, showcase several products in the same story. If you also add your logo, you also strengthen the awareness of the brand.

4. Create authentic content

Instagram users are used to consuming content from family and friends. When an extremely well-produced video appears in their feed, it is easy to understand that it is an ad that causes the majority to click away from it. Therefore, avoid content that feels well-produced or overworked and invest in content that feels authentic and “home-made”. 


Instagram Stories that show when the product is used tend to perform better. This does not mean that you need to collaborate with influencers, but rather that you should think about how you can create content that shows the product’s uses genuinely.

5. Save your stories under highlights.

As you know, a story only lives for 24 hours. An easy way to make them live longer than that is to create highlights. By creating highlights for different topics, products and events, you extend your biography while at the same time making it easier for the user to navigate among the content on your profile. 

Tip! Remember to create cover images that are in line with your graphic profile to strengthen the brand.

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