5 Tips on How to Write Unique Content for Landing Pages

On an e-commerce website, the landing pages can be dense and seemingly quite similar. It is important to highlight the niche keyword to create valuable content for each landing page. Here are 5 specific tips that can be used to avoid the feeling of writing the same thing over and over again when the page contents are similar.

If you run an e-commerce with, for example, fashion products and want a unique copy for each category and landing page, there are several practical tips to take advantage of. Imagine writing texts about red dresses, green dresses, black dresses and so on. Making each page interesting and rewarding for the reader may seem like an art, but it is not as complicated as it looks. If you dig a little deeper, there is a lot of creativity to be gained to create a distinctive text. 

1. Give Valuable Tips About The Products. 

No matter what you are writing about, especially when it comes to fashion and interior design, tips are something that most people take for granted. Give solid tips on how products can match with other products on the site, such as accessories, different types of garments or ornaments in the interior. 


  • Combine your red dress with a black clutch for a stylish ensemble
  • Opt for a red dress in different shades of red for a lively outfit

For example, many people also wonder how a specific colour or shape fits their own figure or how a certain object can work in a small or larger room in fashion and interior design. Use your imagination and find information on how to combine styles, colours, and shapes to create an inspiring text without loose and bland content.

2. Do Not Let Keywords Compete With Each Other

There is probably already a general text about dresses if you are writing a text about red dresses. Then it is important that you add the colour red as close to the word dresses in the text as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk that internal competition arises between your different landing pages, and the result on Google will be a poorer ranking for the pages that compete. 

Combine keywords and inflections

In addition to thinking about which keywords you have with you, it is also important to combine primary and secondary keywords with each other, such as lovely red dresses and only red dresses. Also, remember to inflect the keywords in the plural and sometimes use synonyms for a more eloquent text.

3.Increase the aesthetics of the text

If your text is to highlight a product or a certain category that is meant to be aesthetically pleasing to the customer or reader, you should emphasize the aesthetic part. How can you formulate yourself to make the reader realize that he needs a red or black dress? What is nice about this particular product, and why do you need it? 

  • Is there an ongoing trend that makes the customer feel attractive in or with the product?
  • Example: The right color for the body shape or the right product for a small living room?
  • Can the product make the reader feel more included, like one in the gang, if he buys the product?
  • Example: The latest in interior design that most households acquire and which many feel they must have as well.
  • Does the product meet a possible need, or can you create the need through the right choice of words? By inspiring and giving tips, you make conversion easier.
  • Example: A black dress should form the basis of a wardrobe for different occasions.

4.Tell about historical and psychological aspects of the category

When it comes to colours and products that often relate to fashion and interior design, it may be wise to get the reader aware of what the colour actually represents. What does red really mean, and when can you wear or use it without creating a stir or a question mark? Are there other colours that highlight or make the given colour fade down or stand out even more?

The different colours always have psychological meaning and can also mean completely different things in different countries or cultures. Depending on where you are going to sell your products, it may be worth knowing how to write the text to give the reader tips on when, where and how they will be used or not used for it.

5.Do not forget questions and answers.

Both the reader and Google like questions and answers. For the reader, it will be a way to get answers to the most common thoughts regarding the products or topic in the text, and for Google, it will be interesting from a ranking perspective.

Use structured FAQ data for your questions and answers. This contributes to a greater chance of standing out in the search results and thus assimilating more visitors to the site – and therefore, more customers or conversions. 

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