6 Reasons to Include Influencers in Your Marketing

Digital Influencer Marketing

In recent years, influencers have become an increasingly common channel to use to create effective marketing for the company’s target group. Are you still hesitant and maybe not completely convinced? Then we will tell you why influencers are something for you and your marketing. Now we give you the arguments for why you include Influencers in your marketing to get more customers.

It’s easy to believe that an influencer is a person who only takes selfies and posts on their social media. But it is really to underestimate an influencer. Influencers are extremely skilled brand builders who with hard work have managed to create a trustworthy relationship with a large crowd of followers. A crowd of followers who many times are also your target group!

To sum up, an influencer is a person who is good at influencing and inspiring other people through their brand. Many influencers today make a living through their social media where they collaborate with companies to increase awareness of their brands and products. So what are the reasons why you should use an influencer in your marketing?

1. A Credible Source

Many of us listen to our friends’ recommendations when faced with the choice to buy a new product or service. Recommendations are one of the best ways for companies to gain new loyal customers. As an entrepreneur, building trust and confidence in a new customer often takes a long time, which collaboration with an influencer can facilitate because they already have a relationship with their followers.

Influencers have put down blood, sweat, tears and very hard work to build their channels and have managed to win the trust and heart of their followers. Through collaboration, you as an entrepreneur can benefit from their established relationships with their followers, which in turn can give you more customers.

2. The right target group

Taking the time to find the “right” influencer who has the same target audience as you is extremely important. But the right match increases the conditions and the chance of getting the maximum effect from your collaboration. With the right choice, you get direct contact with not only their target group – but also your own. Now you can reach out, engage and influence your target group in a way that has not previously been possible on a larger scale.

3.Measurable commitment

From the beginning, influencers in marketing were focused on generating awareness of a company or brand, but the conversion itself was difficult to keep track of. But now you have the opportunity to keep a close eye on the conversions that you get through an influencer.

Now it is possible to tag in Instagram Stories, add purchase buttons directly in your feed that gives you control over your ROI (Return on Investment). This makes it much easier for you as an entrepreneur to get a figure on the commitment and what your collaboration provides. Of course, you can also use a simple discount code!

4. Social Media Professionals

To succeed in building your social media presence and creating engagement among your followers requires both a lot of time and effort. It is also not entirely easy to keep track of everything that happens in your channels, while the development is fast with new functions and features in social media. Here you have great help to use collaboration.

Influencers spend much of their waking time on social media and have become professionals at researching, creating content, publishing, tracking and having a dialogue with their followers. They know what works for their target audience and what does not. By working with them, you as an entrepreneur can establish a social presence and a relationship with your target group in a smart way that does not require too much effort.

5. Your competitors are already up and running!

In recent years, the number of companies that use influencers in their marketing has increased significantly. Many established influencers have had a number of different collaborations and know exactly how to succeed in reaching out with the message to their followers. They keep a close eye on what goes home and not among their followers. Many companies are already in full swing using influencers in their marketing and maybe your competitors are too. So why not get into the game and make sure you create new customer relationships too?

6. Invaluable cooperation

A sought-after influencer with a strong brand that drives a lot of traffic can cost a lot to work with. But the visibility that the collaboration can generate and lead to can be invaluable as it enables more customers for you. If you appear with the right person, in the right channel and with the right message, you can earn your money back – and in many cases, several times over.

Of course, there are both pros and cons to using influencers in your marketing. But it is clear that there is a lot to gain from a successful collaboration and the trend looks set to continue to grow. Surely it might be worthwhile to try working with influencers in your marketing as well?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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