7 marketing tips on how to succeed in social media

How to success in social media

Today, social media plays a central role in many companies’ marketing plans – and rightly so. The platforms allow you to register an account completely free of charge. In addition, they offer entrepreneurs a variety of features and tools to help you find your target audience and create successful campaigns. Thus, social media marketing has the potential to change the state of your entire business.

We have many marketing tips to give you. But we are content with the seven most important:

Marketing tips 1: 80 rule

The Italian Vilfredo Pareto claimed during his lifetime in the 19th century that 20% of the cause accounts for 80% of the result. Over time, this claim has evolved into an accepted method for many business owners in their sales efforts.

So, what does the 80/20 rule mean? In this case, the customer makes their purchases based on 20% facts and 80% emotion. Our first marketing tip will therefore be to have this as a basis in your company’s communication and sales.

Marketing Tip 2: Engage your followers

A general marketing tip is to produce content and update your social feeds frequently. However, we want to say: not with anything. Quality is always better than quantity – what you publish in front of when, although when is also important, of course. Try to avoid one-way communication and instead focus on what your followers are interested in. This leads to increased trust and loyalty. Our marketing tip is that you create a two-way communication, among other things by

– produce content that allows your followers to answer questions

– participate in dialogues

– let the followers be just followers in, for example, the process of a new product. Take them on a story!

This marketing tip is short and sweet: engage your followers as much as possible and strengthen your business. Instagram stories are an easy way to create engagement, for example by asking your followers to make suggestions. Or why not take the opportunity and ask your followers what they want to see more of in your channels?

Marketing Tip 3: Interpret what the statistics say

Among all the tools available on social platforms, you will find one that shows statistics. This is a very important tool. Therefore, one of the best marketing tips we can give you: use it. Each channel has its own guides that deal with what kind of statistics are collected and what it means. It is a good idea to also learn what the different metrics mean. If you become a fan of interpreting statistics, you can create content that is relevant to your target group. And it’s a must when it comes to social media success.

Marketing Tip 4: Each channel has its purpose

One thing you should be careful about is publishing the same content in all your channels – unless the content is written in such a way that it can work well for multiple audiences. We want to give marketing tips to see each channel as a unique opportunity and adapt the content accordingly. You can have target groups in each channel that differ or have different expectations depending on the platform’s image. LinkedIn, for example, has a more professional appearance than Facebook and Instagram, where you can publish more inspiring, humorous content with attitude and feeling.

Marketing Tip 5: Analyze your target audience

What do you know about your target audience? If the information is sparse or non-existent, you will have a difficult task adapting your content to what your followers want to see. Or for that matter: attracting new, potential customers. It may feel important to have many followers, but our marketing tip is rather to let your followers get engaged by what you publish.

Information about gender and age is easy to obtain via the channels’ statistics tools. You can also find data on geography, demography, behaviour, psychographic segmentation and more. A target group analysis should also include how the target groups meet in the digital world – their interactions.

Marketing Tip 6: Have a clear strategy

This is a marketing tip that is crucial in many ways: even before you initiate your digital marketing in social media, you must have a clear strategy. Especially when you are part of a larger department at the company where many are helped with the work. The strategy is a kind of agreed guidelines that you adhere to every time you create new content, a common thread in the company’s communication that strengthens the brand and increases brand awareness.

The strategy must contain the goals and purpose of the marketing in social media, what the target group is, which channels are relevant, what type of content is to be produced and published and where. Let the strategy also include provisions on how a possible crisis situation should be handled. And last but not least: how often an evaluation should take place.

Marketing Tip 7: Handle Criticism Properly

There are two different types of criticism on the web: the one you as an entrepreneur receive from dissatisfied customers and the one that is written by so-called online roles. For example, a troll can be a person who wants to harm your brand for some reason or a competitor. If it is clearly noticeable that the comment comes from a troll, our marketing tip is to delete it and block the account. If your company is particularly exposed to comments from trolls, you should let a person in charge go through the channels daily.

If it is instead a matter of criticism from customers or potential customers, it is important to handle such matters in an exemplary manner. Because in social media, anyone can see comments and answers. Our marketing tip regarding this is therefore to respond to the customer in the affirmative. Do not pass the problem on to the customer with an answer such as “sad that you experience it that way” but “we apologize for the inconvenience and are happy to help you”. Then try to redirect the communication to email or other forms of private conversation. Avoid lengthy discussions in the comments section.

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