7 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, when social media seems to dominate the marketing world, there is still a place for successful email campaigns. Email is more personal and can speak directly to potential customers. A well-designed message can also be perceived as more intimate and personal than an ad that appears on Facebook or Twitter.

When it comes to email marketing, the results will never be better than your campaign. Random mass mailings are not a bit better than traditional “spam”. If the recipient does not open your email, or worse, reacts negatively to it, there is no point in sending it.

Therefore, it is very important that you create an email marketing campaign that not only reaches the right audience but also gets them to actually read your message. Make your potential customers to open your email is just one part of what you want to accomplish.

The whole purpose of the email marketing campaign is to increase sales or your customer base. Your email must drive the recipient to act. Otherwise, you have lost the entire purpose of the campaign.


Here are seven tips for creating a successful email marketing campaign!

  1. You have to market to the right target group
    It does not serve any function to send a lot of emails if you do not send these to the right people. You need to set aside time to call in the perfect target audience for your email. This can be done in different ways. You may have a list of customers who have not ordered anything for a while. Depending on what your goal is, your target group can consist of only a few recipients for a larger target group. Be sure to send to people who will respond. If you, e.g. sell roadside assistance insurance for cars so you may want to reach car owners whose new car warranty is about to expire. Your goal is to reach people who need extra security in the near future. If you send emails at random to a randomly selected group of people, the result will be that you reach people who probably do not need your services. It will also negatively affect your brand.
  2. Make sure your message is perceived as personal .
    People will ignore an email that looks like another promotional email. There is a much greater chance that a person will open your email if it makes them feel special. You can use different techniques with, e.g. “Sales tunnels” to achieve this or you can write your email in such a way that it speaks directly to the recipient. If possible, make sure that your email titles the recipient with its name. If there is nothing that you can do, make sure that your target audience is particular to your purpose. If you sell software for accounting firms, you probably do not want to reach farmers, and they probably do not want such an email either.
  3. Keep your layout simple and stylish.
    This feels like common sense, but it is very important. Make sure your mailing has a simple and stylish layout. If your message is too cluttered or has too much text, no one will read it. Ensure your message contains only the most important things you want to communicate (you do not have to tell everything in the first email) and think through how to use bold text, underlines and paragraphs.
  4. A video is worth a thousand words! 
    If your email contains too many words, no one would like to read it. Your email will stay in the spam folder. It is important that you use relevant images with your content, but what works even better is VIDEO. Post an interesting thumbnail image and link it to a video along with a title that captures the interest of the recipient. It is guaranteed to result in many more clicks to your site, and it is a way to get your message across without making the audience bore. If it takes more than a few seconds for your recipient to get a good overview of the content of your email, they will not read it. Why waste a lot of time writing great texts if no one takes the time to read them?
  5. Always Include a Call to Action. 
    The Entire purpose of your email marketing campaign is to get the recipient to do something. Maybe you are looking to increase sales? If so, steer the recipient toward buying something. If you want customer to subscribe to your newsletter, include a link to a page where they can do so. You need to make it easy for the reader to want to do something. If a lot of work is required on their part, they will delete your email and forget that you exist.
  6. Use an interesting title in the subject line.
    If your recipients do not feel compelled to open your email, they will not do so either. It is very easy to press “delete” on the keyboard. If your email does not include a well thought out and interesting subject line, you are wasting your time. Maybe you can highlight something urgent in your subject line – make the recipient want to open it at once. Another way is to offer something for free in the subject line. Even if you only offer free advice or the like, people love to get something for nothing, provided that what is offered has an experienced real value for the recipient.
  7. Do not be a tormentor.
    There are those who believe that a successful email campaign is about repeated attempts at contact. On the contrary! If your target audience receives emails from you every day or even a couple of times a week, they will be annoyed. If you annoy potential customers, they will always remain just that – potential customers. For you to haul them in, you want to stay in their minds without getting on their nerves! It is a balancing act that requires competence, and it is important that you schedule your emails so that they do not overwhelm your target group.

When designing a successful email marketing campaign, you need to remember this – you are only as good as your most recent email! If the recipient does not recognise you, you do not exist for them. If you annoy your customers, you will be nothing but a tormentor. There is a fine line between marketing oneself in the right way via email and driving over the recipients.

The good news is that it’s not that difficult to design a successful email campaign. If you follow the tips above, you will find that you can reach your targetted people with the right message!

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