Basic YouTube Video Promotion Techniques

Video content is becoming increasingly popular among users since this information presentation format is much more convenient for perception. YouTube is still the dominant platform for publishing videos. Creating your own channel is becoming a “rule of good taste” for companies promoting their products and services over the Internet.

There are no special problems with creating a YouTube channel. Promoting it and conveying information to a wide audience is quite another thing. For these purposes, numerous techniques are used related to SEO optimization and not only with it. We decided to highlight four basic factors considered when creating a new channel and publishing the first videos.

Choose the right title for your video.

The title of the video should not be too long. It is also necessary to ensure that the content matches its name. Otherwise, the user will most likely not watch it to the end, and the YouTube algorithm will lower the rating.

Ideally, the title of the video should contain one or two keywords that convey the meaning of the content. It should also include a word or phrase that carries an emotional charge, such as “success”, “effective”, “best”, or other options.

Watch video length

The longer the video, the lower the retention rate. Indeed, the likelihood that a one-minute video will be watched to the end is higher than that of a ten-minute video. On the other hand, YouTube’s algorithms favour content with a longer duration, resulting in more ad impressions. It is necessary to maintain a certain balance: according to experts’ recommendations, the optimal length of the video is considered to be 10-15 minutes.

Thumbnail preparation (preview)

Each video must be provided with its own unique thumbnail image. In addition to the image, it should contain textual information that attracts the user’s attention. If you create previews in the same style, author videos will become more recognizable among the audience, which will increase the percentage of clicks on the link.

Working on the description for the video

The first two lines from the description will be visible in the search results. You should make sure that the first 100-120 characters contain information that can attract the user to view.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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