Benefits of Guest Blogging in SEO

There are many reasons to guest blog, especially if you have a new site that has not yet established itself and gained the trust of the search engines.

A few years ago, the answer from an SEO consultant would have been to publish on other sites to get a link that points to their own site and thus increase the site’s link strength. Today, it is a little more complicated than that, and there are several reasons why it is good to publish your content on other sites.

Common Reasons to Guest Blog:

  • Position yourself as an expert writer in your field.
  • Showcase yourself and your site to a new audience.
  • Create interest in your area of ​​expertise.
  • Open the doors to new exciting collaborations.
  • Drive traffic to your site.
  • Build links to your site and potentially increase the site’s link strength.

Today, probably no one would recommend you to blog on other people’s sites to get a link, but more things need to be weighed into the equation for whether it’s worth it or not. The list above is just a few reasons why you should consider guest blogging on sites other than your own. However, we want to be clear that the main focus should always be on your site first so that you fill this with good and relevant content before you go out and guest blog.

This is how you should think about guest blogging.

Historically, it has been guest blogged on both well-known sites and more obscure sites that few know even exist. Of course, as a writer, you should not do the latter, as it is impossible to maintain a high level if you are constantly publishing new content for a variety of sites.

In other words, it is about quality before quantity. By being selective about where you blog, you will be able to put more time and energy into the texts you write. An excellent article on a site where your target audience is will weigh much heavier than ten half-baked articles that you have published on sites that are not entirely relevant. In most cases, it is, therefore, best to focus on quality. Therefore, do not give away good content if it is not a good site and a suitable site for your brand; then, you can advantageously publish it on your site instead.

In other words, we recommend only publishing on sites that can help you as a writer become more well-known in your or other related areas.

How to find suitable sites to guest blog on

The absolute best way to find opportunities to get a guest blog is to ask. If you do not ask, you can never guest blog.

You should, as said before, be selective with the sites you turn to. They should preferably be well known in the area that your site focuses on. It is often easier if you do not ask sites that are direct competitors. If you have a site about training, it may not bear fruit if you only ask other training sites. However, blogs about food, lifestyle or exercise clothing can be areas that can be interesting to explore if it is exercise-related.

You who are an expert in your field are usually aware of which blogs and sites deal with your topic. If you want more clues, you can use the following flexible search on Google, where you enter “industry/topic” and what you are looking for, in this case, “guest blog“, to discover potential sites that allow this type of post.

In practice, such a search for a training site would look like this:

technology “guest blogger”


technology “guest blog”

Our tips for how you can work on creating a guest blogging process are:

  • Make a list of the sites, magazines and blogs that are most interesting for you to guest blog on. (Those that you think you can contribute to but also that can have a positive impact on your site) If you are unsure of this, you can run the site through, for example, Majestic to see trust flow (an estimate of how strong the link profile is).
  • Then start following the company/blog via social media and interact with them there first. Few like to be contacted by strangers who want to offer the “world deal”.
  • Make a plan of how to proceed to “pitch” your idea and for whom.
  • Prepare for questions such as: Why should they let you guest blog? What can you contribute? What have you written before? These are all questions that you should answer in your “pitch” in some way. Therefore, it is good if you already have a site with a relatively large amount of content, which you can refer to. If you can also show that the site you offer to guest blog on lacks certain content, this can also increase your chances. However, this requires that you have done your research. You can do this quickly by typing “site: the domain” and putting the subject in “quotation marks” If, for example, you want to search for everything we at Brath wrote about “Search engine optimization”, you can do the following search: Site: “search engine optimization”
  • And finally, the most important thing. Get in touch and present your pitch. However, be careful not to send a template over a “pitch” written by someone else. If you have done previous points correctly, this should be obvious at this point. Quality before quantity.

Should you allow others to guest blog on your site?

If you allow others to contribute content on your site/blog, the answer is that “it depends”.

Allowing guest blogging on your site can be a good idea if it is about high-quality content that is well written and fits your site.

There is no reason to let in a new writer who is only looking to take advantage of your strong domain without you getting anything in return for this, in the form of good content.

Therefore, be careful about what the guest blogger wants to contribute, what other sites he has written on before, and so on. Also, be sure to proofread so that spelling and other grammatical errors are eliminated before publishing. We want to raise a warning finger for images from guest bloggers, as images protected by copyright may be used.

There are many pitfalls, but as long as you get new, relevant and well-written content for your site, you should consider giving guest bloggers a chance. Who knows, maybe it can lead to longer collaboration between your sites. However, we strongly advise against allowing others to publish on your site themselves. You must have 100% control over what is published on your site.

Closing Comments

It is not possible to write an article on this topic without mentioning how fun it is to be part of the whole process of guest blogging. Everything from researching sites, “pitching” ideas with other site owners, and then writing the content is very rewarding. It is not an easy job, and it will probably take some time before you get to spin on your guest blogging, but once you get started, many doors can open.

We especially want you to take with you from this article to always invest in producing quality content. Both on your site as well as for the site you guest blog on. With this approach, you will increase your chances of becoming a successful guest blogger.

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