Best Image and Video Sites to Create Content

Image sitess are one of the most used tools in content marketing since a visual element can make reading a text much more enjoyable. We include photographs, videos, infographics, maps, illustrations, or other elements within the visual elements that make the content more attractive to the user. However, many brands do not have enough material to accompany their content, so they have to resort to image or video sites.

We explain what exactly image and video sites are and which ones are the most used and popular.

Image and Video Sites : How do They Work?

Image and video sites are web pages where you can buy or download for free, although sometimes, under certain conditions, different visual material, such as photographs, illustrations or videos, among others. Typically, this material is royalty-free or may be used for non-commercial purposes. It may be posted on blogs, social media, or elsewhere if it is not an advertisement.

To correctly use the material from an image and video site, it is important to know the limits and conditions of each one of them, since in some it can be done freely and for free, while in others it is necessary to pay a fee. To be able to do it. Some sites do not allow partial or total modification of the downloaded material, and some require mentioning the author, among other things.

Image Sites 

Although dozens of image sites can be found, not all content material is good enough to accompany content intended to capture the public’s attention. So, of all, these are the best options:


Pexels  is one of the most used image sites , since all stock photos and videos can be used completely free of charge, it is not necessary to mention the author and it is allowed to make modifications, which is a great advantage to differentiate itself from other websites that have also used the same photograph. In addition, it allows the download in different sizes at a high quality.

All the material published on Pexels is perfectly tagged, so it is easy to find it through its search bar. 


Unsplash is another great platform that allows you to download photos for free at a high resolution. It is estimated that it has more than 190,000 photographs, which can be used in any personal and commercial project and freely modified without mentioning the author.

Unlike many other platforms of this type, Unsplash allows you to use photos for commercial purposes. Of course, you cannot request exclusive use of an image.


In  Freepik you can find more than 10 million graphic elements, many of which are high-quality photographs. On this platform, you can download items for free, or there is also a paid version that gives access to a greater amount of content.

Users who opt for the free version will only be able to download 10 days and must add a link that redirects to the platform and mention the author of the image. Premium or paid users, meanwhile, can make up to 100 downloads per day and will obtain the full license of the material used


Another site of photos, illustrations, videos and other visual materials is iStock . Although this platform has material with different types of licenses, much of it can be used for advertising, web pages, blogs or presentations, among others, because they are free of rights. 

This website is paid and offers different types of accounts: the basic, the premium and the premium + video. 

Getty Images

Getty Images can find thousands of royalty-free photos, but you must buy a license to download the file and use it. One of the advantages is that the images can be used for both personal and commercial use, although it should always be checked that there are no exceptions.

The material found on this platform is of exceptional quality, but its prices are also quite high compared to other image sites. Through this platform, you can even hire a personalized session to create exclusive material.

Adobe Stock

Adobe also has its own free resource site,  Adobe Stock. This platform has millions of photographs, vectors, videos and other materials, all of them of very good quality. Furthermore, all downloaded files can be used even for commercial purposes.

Not all content has the same type of license, so it should always be checked before use if it is web-only, print-only, or can be used in any marketing strategy.


Shutterstock is an image site used around the world that also has downloadable videos and music. This platform is often used by graphic designers, creative directors, video editors, and other professionals.

To download content from this website, you need to register, which is a slight inconvenience since all accounts are paid. Depending on the type of subscription chosen, you will have access to a more flexible type of licensed content than another, as well as limited downloads.


Pixabay is another of the most widely used and extended image sites globally, as it has more than a million downloadable elements. 

The images can be published, modified, distributed and used even for commercial purposes without attributing their authorship. However, Pixabay shows different types of material, some of which may be protected. This means that before using an object downloaded from this image site, make sure that its license allows it.

It is not necessary to register to download images, although those users who wish to have them at their original size must do so.

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Video Site For Your Content

Although many image sites are also video sites , for those brands that want the material to launch video marketing campaigns, these are the best options:


Vimeo is one of the most popular and widely used video platforms in the world. Here you can find the content of all kinds and, unlike YouTube or other similar platforms, Vimeo has a much more professional and artistic image.

Users who want to access Vimeo can do so for free, although there is also a paid version. Furthermore, not all Vimeo videos can be reused since the same author decides whether the content is downloadable or not, whether it is public or private, whether it can be published on a website or not.


Videezy is a very popular video site, as it has more than 1000 4K quality videos divided into different categories. Best of all, however, you don’t have to pay to download and use them.

One of its main drawbacks is that some of the videos are sponsored. In this case, they cannot be reused. 

As a curiosity, Videezy has some functionalities that may be reminiscent of a social network since it allows interaction with other users and the authors of the video.


The display is considered one of the best free video platforms. It offers quality material. It is not necessary to register to view and download it.

The website allows you to use the material freely, both in personal and commercial projects, and edit them and make mixes or variations that are considered. Of course, it is necessary to include a link to the website to attribute the author even if only a fragment of the video has been used.


Cover is another of the best video sites that can be used for content creation.

Videos can be downloaded entirely free of charge and used freely in personal and commercial projects. It allows you to do custom searches, but it also has sections. Of course, as it happens in this type of platform, despite being used freely, all the Cover material does not give an exclusive license.

Although image and video sites are two excellent tools to carry out content creation strategies, we recommend not abusing them and, above all, checking the downloaded material’s rights. In addition, whenever the platform allows it, we advise making modifications so that the material is not identical to that of other web pages, which is usually very common.

Foto de George Milton en Pexels

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