Google recommends: businesses should restrict, not disable, their sites.

Disabling a site can result in loss of Search Console data and make it challenging to redeploy the resource.

Businesses continue to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, with some being forced to close temporarily. To help business owners maintain their visibility on Google searches, the company has posted guidelines on properly restricting the resource’s functionality if operations need to be suspended.

Avoid shutting down your entire site. Even for a few days, turning it off can have a significant impact on search visibility. In a temporary closure, the resource must be kept searchable.

A complete dismantling of the site will make it difficult to recover, as it will need to be re-indexed. It can also cause Search Console validation to fail and loss of reporting data.

Alternative options

In the case when a resource needs to be closed entirely or deleted, use the following functions:

  • to stop, use the search console uninstall tool;
  • when the resource is disabled for 1-2 days, you can set an error with a code;
  • you can preliminarily place a banner on the site warning users about the suspension of activity.

If the site is only going to be temporarily disabled, it is best to maintain search visibility. Customize structured data to reflect company updates and business interruptions. You can also mark your business as temporarily closed via Google My Business.

E-commerce sites should follow Google’s specific accessibility guidelines and disable shopping cart functionality as needed. Notify Google of site updates by requesting a re-check through the search console.

Today, almost all firms and companies are seeing significant fluctuations due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The crisis will invariably lead to the fact that some of them will close. Some companies will suspend their activities only for a while. Temporary closure should be carried out competently so that later you do not start all SEO activities anew.

Some tricks will make it easier to restart your business after the pandemic dies down, and they should be actively used.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

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