How to Create Content on Social Media Platforms That Produces Results

Today’s “content marketing world” relies heavily on social media platforms. Often there are many who should think and think when it comes to the content of social media. “Write more about this – it’s interesting!”, “Share this in all channels – it’s important!” or “No, do not share it, the feed must look good!”. So which way to go? Here are three basic tips on how to think about creating content in Social Media that works. 

Keep an Eye on Your Target Audience.

Effective communication begins with getting to know your current and potential customers. This means that you must know EVERYTHING about your target audience.

Answer questions such as:

  • What are they interested in?
  • What questions and problems do they have?
  • Who or what has a big influence on their decision?
  • How do they act in different situations?
  • What type of content engages them the most?

Each post must be tailored to the target group. Otherwise, there is a significant risk that you will not reach the desired target group.

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Follow up each post and see if it is the target group you have planned the content for that has grabbed the content. Let’s say that your target group is women in New York between 25 and 35 years, and the follow-up shows that those who have engaged with the post are men in California between 50 and 60 years – then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

An easy way to get to know your target audience is to investigate what issues come into the company’s customer service. It’s a goldmine for content creators. Let’s say that one or two questions are overrepresented. Then it is reasonable to assume that more current or potential customers are wondering the same thing. Create the content on your website and provide answers to their questions. When others search on the same question, they will find your website, which means you have succeeded!

Context and Timing

It has become increasingly common to create content related to popular cultural references or other current events in the outside world. Being aware of trending is a great way to create content with relevance and something that engages people. Good surveillance of the outside world is a must!

Content whose whole idea and mechanics are tailored for social media often gives the best results. Many people forget that when we create content, the primary goal is to engage the target group for social media. Informing will always be secondary. Much of the content created for social media today lack such a structure, which often negatively impacts the result.

 Use the tool Google Trends, where you see what is trending on Google, and thus often also offline, and reflect on what trends you have encountered in social media. Then think about whether there is anything your brand can create for content related to this. 

Act in Line With Business Goals

Everything from the creative idea to the choice of the channel must all be in line with the target group’s interests and behaviors AND your business goals. Otherwise, you risk spending both time and money on content that does not add value to your company.

If your main business goal is to increase sales, you should start by researching what would get your existing target audience to buy more or your potential target audience to buy your product. The next step is to think about how you can combine these insights with engaging, relevant, and channel-adapted content. Only then will you see actual results!

In Summary

To summarize the post, if you want to create content that affects social media, you should be aware of three things (1) your target audience, (2) context, and (3) the connection to your business goals. Then it’s time to start measuring the results of your content marketing!

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