Increase Traffic to Your Website With The Help of a Well-written Press Release

Well Written Press Release.

Get positive attention and increased traffic to your website with the help of a well-written press release. By publishing press releases, the company can reach more customers and partners, share important news and strengthen the brand.

What is a press release?

A press release or press release is news that may in some way interest the public. Most often, however, the press release is aimed at a specific target group, for example, to get investors at a new issue or to arouse interest among customers at a product launch.

What does the company gain from publishing a press release?

Advertising or newsletters have their advantages and are suitable for a certain type of content marketing. Press releases, on the other hand, are an effective method for generating large amounts of organic traffic in a short time. The article can be published on different platforms depending on the target group, for example as a native ad in a daily newspaper, on its own website or on a special site for PR and press releases. Well-written, interesting press releases give your business attention that other types of PR methods can not compete with.

Strengthen the company’s brand

Unlike advertising banners, recurring newsletters, and other publicity campaigns, your press release gets a different kind of attention. Your target group reads and shares the text of their own free will, which increases the credibility of your company and provides effective PR.

  • Increase your website’s organic traffic.
  • Reach new customers.
  • Improved SEO, and search engine optimization on Google.
  • Dissemination of the message without further work.

Good content is fundamental in both PR and SEO. In order to catch the attention of journalists and get them to write about what you want, the content must be good. The same goes for search engine optimization. In order for your website and web pages to rank well on Google, good content is required.

So, why not combine the two?

The vast majority of people who work with PR produce texts that aim to satisfy journalists. This may, for example, be a press release and an associated pitch which is later sent out to various newspapers.

A tip, however, is to take it all one step further and adopt a keyword idea when creating your press releases and other materials. Do keyword analysis to find any search behaviors related to your news.

Hopefully, this results in you ranking high on Google (and other search engines), and from that, you can benefit from extra traffic to your site!

Most people who work with PR publish and distribute their material via platforms such as Mynewsdesk. And of course, there are a lot of benefits to these platforms. However, we recommend that you publish the material in its entirety on your own website. Let’s tell you why!

When you choose the former option – to publish your press releases and other material on an external platform – you give away all your SEO value. Namely, it is the external platforms that will be visible on and drive in traffic from Google and receive external links.

A better alternative is to publish the material in its entirety on your own website. You can still use third-party platforms like Mynewsdesk, but instead, publish an excerpt that captures the reader’s interest and then refer to the full material on your site.

6 Good Tips for a Good Press Release

This is what the structure of a high-quality press release about your company might look like:

  1. A headline that catches the attention
  2. A good headline is a must to grab attention and arouse interest.
  3. An introduction that gives more taste
  4. Like the title, the introduction (introduction) needs to be formulated in the right way and aimed at the target group. It should give more flavour to the rest of the news.
  5. Quickly mention the company and its strengths
  6. Many people only read part of the press release, so it is a good idea to mention the company and the positive news about it quite early.
  7. Statistics and facts
  8. Correct facts and figures based on statistics increase credibility instead of just saying things in the text.
  9. A short summary of the company
  10. Many press releases end with a short presentation of the company and a link to the website.
  11. Proofread and professionally written
  12. Be sure that the press release maintains a high level, otherwise, readers will quickly lose confidence in the company. Does the text use the right language for the target group? Are all the facts, names, pictures, and links correct? Is the text adapted for keyword optimization (when publishing online)?

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