Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video-centric app where you upload images, short videos, record short stories, or broadcast live.

How does Instagram work?

Start by starting an account.

Although Instagram can be viewed on a computer, Instagram is primarily a mobile app, so you must download it before creating an account. Instagram is free in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

To register, you can either connect your Instagram account to your Facebook profile or your email address. Registration via Facebook will automatically fill in your user details for you, including your name and profile picture, but you will still be asked to create a username and password.

You will probably want to convert your brand’s Instagram account into a “business account” to access analytics and insights. To do this, you need to connect the account with your company’s Facebook page by following the steps under “Switch to Company Profile” under Settings.

Once the account has been created, you can go to your Profile (button at the bottom right of the screen) and press “Edit Profile” to change your name, username, and profile picture, or to add a website and a short biography (maximum 150 characters .).

To change the app’s settings, press the gear in the upper right corner. From there, you can also view the posts you like, find people to follow, make your account private, see Instagram’s various support options, clear your search history and log out.

What is your strategy?

Not sure how to use Instagram for your business? Then try some of these strategies:

Showcase your products or services. Take pictures of your new products or share pictures of your most popular products. Or, if you have a service business, such as a hair salon or a restaurant, you can go behind the scenes and share your work. Take pictures and videos that show how your products or goods are made, especially if the process is unique or interesting or something your customers often ask about. This will provide exciting content for your Instagram account and precisely show your customers and followers what’s going on in the background.

Include your employees. Make your company’s Instagram page more personal by including your employees in your posts. Share photos of what the employees work with or when you do something fun on the company’s possible excursions.

Ask your customers to show you their pictures. Put hashtags on your photos to encourage customers to tag their photos when sharing pictures of your product, services or work. This way, other users who want to know where it came from can easily find your site. Just make sure you look at them, like them, and comment on them so that they continue to tag pictures in the future.

Post offers on your Instagram.

Give back to your Instagram followers by offering them discounts to follow you. Share an image with instructions on how to use the store – for example, you can create a coupon code for use at your online store or ask users (when paying for a product or service) to show that they follow you. This will make your followers feel special and likely make them tell their friends about your business.

Marketing on Instagram

As on other social media, companies have the opportunity to advertise on Instagram. There are three different formats for advertising:

Photo ads. They look like regular photo posts, but they have a “sponsored” label above the photo. They also have a “Read more” button in the lower right corner, below the picture.

Video ads. Like photo ads, these look like regular video posts but with a Sponsored label on top.

Carousel Ads.  These ads look identical to photo ads but have multiple images that users can swipe through.

All three ad formats appear in users’ home feeds as they browse through their flow of followers. These ads generate four different goals: video views, clicks to your site, app installations, and awareness.

Instagram tips and tricks

To get the most out of your Instagram account and want to learn how to improve your Instagram?

Links do not work in Instagram texts. The only place you can share a working link that actually takes users to a site is through your Profile (or through a button on a sponsored post). Links do not work in captions or photo comments, so if you try to direct users to a specific web page, you can temporarily change the default link in your cinema on that particular page and explain in the caption to the image that the link can be found on your Profile.

Make sure your posts relate to your brand. It can be tempting to share photos of food, fashion, and animals because they are popular on Instagram. Still, if your business has nothing to do with these things, this can make your marketing look incoherent and confusing. But if you can find a way to display images like these and at the same time make them relevant to your business, it can make your marketing strategy more successful and unique.

Run giveaways and promotions. Post an image promoting a giveaway, sale, or contest and ask users to post pictures with a specific custom hashtag to join. You can then search for the specified hashtag to see who has participated and select a winner. Campaigns like this allow your customers and followers to market your brand to you by talking about your marketing on their pages, and it will drive more people to visit your Profile.

Respond to user comments

When people comment on your photos, respond to them. Interact with your customers by showing them that you are attentive and care about whether they see your pictures and what they have to say. They will be more likely to continue to follow you and interact with your photos if they feel they matter.

Use Instagram posts on your siteFrom the desktop version of Instagram, you can get an embed code to post specific photos and videos on your company website. This can show visitors that you are active on Instagram and help you gain more followers. Select the image you want to embed, click the button in the lower right corner and select Embed. This will generate a new page with the embedded code and allow you to, if you want, show the caption or not. From there, you can copy the generated code and paste it into your website.

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