Powerful Tips That Make You an Ace in Marketing on Instagram

Instagram users scroll fast. Unlike Facebook, where text often comes first, Instagram is the opposite, focusing on the visual. Therefore, treat your social media channels differently; what works on one platform may flop on another.   

But how does advertising on Instagram differ from other platforms? How to think and what to avoid? 

– Do not be afraid to test yourself when it comes to social media. It’s better to do than not to do at all, says Cecilia Lyche Simonsson, CMO at Be Better Online.  

But Instagram is not just a feed – there are lots of features to market yourself. Here are some tips for the different grips you should try on Instagram.   


The story feature is superior to Instagram. Loosen the tie and use the story for naughty and personal material.  

– We are not talking about impersonal anti-social media, so dare to treat yourself, and the person behind the company says Lyche Simonsson.  

Tips for becoming story professionals 

  • Be sure to use the correct format (9:16). Cover the screen and maximize your impression.  
  • Post often so that you are visible in the playlist.   
  • Stay up to date. Talk about what’s going on right now. 
  • Tip about posts you posted in the feed – not everyone sees your regular posts.  
  • Build a story. Make the viewer curious about what happens in the following story and entice them to click on it. 
  • Experiment. Since the story still only has a 24-hour long life, there is room to try new approaches.   

The flow 

As for the flow, Cecilia Lyche Simonsson thinks that variation between video and image is suitable for creating curiosity quickly.  

– Video is often good for attracting early in a shopping trip and for creating engagement, she says and continues: – For stills, the gallery function is appealing and attracts interaction with the post. Our curiosity is aroused, and we want to swipe further to see the following picture.  


Instagram has had the IGTV function since 2018. You can publish longer videos, unlike the feed, which allows videos of up to one minute. 

Here are some top tips for IGTV: 

  • Use IGTV aimed at your loyal followers.  
  • Although the video can be an hour-long – avoid making it too long. Already 10 minutes is very long.

 3 common traps to avoid 

All companies can benefit from Instagram. You can drive sales, build the brand image, or elevate the workplace to attract staff. Many also use Instagram as a search engine for research. But a good presence requires work.   

To succeed in reaching out, make sure that resources in time and money for advertising are available. Once you have decided to invest in Instagram, there are things you should avoid.  

Here is Cecilia’s advice for avoiding common pitfalls:  

1.You have several purposes with your post. 

A common mistake is to want too much with a single post or ad. If you have a video that you want people to watch, and at the same time ask a question, plus have a link in the cinema with expectations for clicks and conversion – then you can almost count on being disappointed.  

– Decide on a purpose. “This post is to build loyalty with my existing followers” and then target it to a specific target group, says Lyche Simonsson.  

2.Your indictment is too general.

Social media is like a chat room where everyone writes simultaneously, and you have to catch their attention. Therefore, you can not be general when targeting the post to your target audience. You need to tailor your address so that your recipient feels hit.  

– If I say a sentence, but say your name first, then you will listen.  

3.You target ads to the wrong kind of audiences. 

– Avoid basing target groups on demographics, such as gender, age, and place of residence. Instead, use data and base audiences on user behaviors. Create target groups based on existing customers, already interested people, those who have visited your website, and any new customers, says Cecilia Lyche Simonsson.  

Checklist for sponsored posts on Instagram: 

  • Start by defining your purpose. Have only one goal with your ad – what should the recipient do? 
  • Let the purpose guide your channel choice and format on the post – not the other way around.  
  • Create image/video and copy adapted to your recipient and let your purpose be in focus. 
  • Before you publish – think twice if you give a value to the recipient. It’s easy to become home blind and believe that things you are passionate about are interesting for everyone.  
  • Use the platform’s tools as a pixel on your web page or look-alike audiences to optimally target your ad using data. 
  • If possible, create an A / B test, where you, for example, test two different images or different variants of your target group.  
  • When you publish, you are not done! Now the work of optimizing so that your ad performs as well as possible overtime begins.
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