Proven Secrets of a Successful Landing Page in 2022?

Experts from one of the largest software company Unbounce conducted a full-scale study to track and compare the importance of text and landing page design. Marketers examined nearly 37,000 English-language web pages posted from March 2019 to March 2020.

How was the study conducted?

The specialists retained the visual design and texts for further analysis of all landing pages, pre-configured all algorithms in a mechanical way. Trained neural networks have demonstrated conversion rates for all components.


According to Unbounce, the main element of the landing page was text. The design contributes to the accomplishment of the target action in half. For the purity of the experiment, 16 different niches were analyzed.

The following directions have become especially indicative:

  • E-commerce, where the importance of the text is 80%;
  • Finance, where the design got only 10% of the conversion;
  • A business where almost 95% of clicks are made thanks to text.

In all areas, the text content of the site is significantly ahead.

The average conversion rate does not fall below 65% in any of the studied industries, which gives every right to say with confidence that the key to the success of a landing page is competent and optimized text.

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

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