Speed ​​up Your Website and Get a Better Ranking on Google

Tired of your slow website and poor search results? 

With WP Rocket, your website becomes much faster, which means that you also get significantly better search results, more visitors, and more sales. 

WordPress is software for creating and managing websites and especially blogs online. It is difficult to use the web content in most cases if the website is poorly designed or if the loading time becomes very long. There are a large number of plugins to reduce the loading time of WordPress sites. Most of these little plugins are quite useful and free. However, all free software has its limitations. If you are looking for a professional and high-quality solution for your website, the paid plugin WP Rocket is the best choice.

WP Rocket is very proud of its product and writes on its website, “WP Rocket is the most powerful cache plugin in the world. Use it to improve the speed of your WordPress website, SEO rankings, and conversions,” and team digitalmarketingtomatoes.com agrees to it.

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Speed ​​up your website! WP Rocket makes your site really fast and gives you better ranking on Google.

Google and other search engines love fast websites.

When the loading time of your pages increases, your readers get bored and abandon you. Google has therefore chosen to prioritize loading time even more when ranking websites on their search engine. The faster the page you have, the easier it will be to rank high on Google.

An example of how well it works is the website you are visiting now. Surely it’s fast ?! Your WordPress website can be just as fast if you buy the additional function WP Rocket. 

  • A faster website gives better search results and more visitors.
  • A faster website gives more conversions, such as—expressions of interest, inquiries and orders.
  • Brutal speed, safe technology and many built-in good technical features.
  • Your website is preloaded, making it crazy fast once the visitor comes to your website.
  • Pictures etc., are only loaded when the visitor scrolls down the page and needs them. This provides a significantly faster website. Do as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other big companies use this technology.
  • According to web experts around the world, the most powerful page cache plugin for WordPress.
  • Used by about 850,000 websites!

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

What features does WP Rocket offer?

This plugin offers a variety of features to make WordPress faster. It’s easy to install and work comfortably with WordPress. The plugin can be configured intuitively without any special knowledge. 

The cache must be filled for your website to get a better ranking in the search engine results. Site visitors usually do this. Since these are unlikely to exist, especially in the beginning, WP Rocket simulates them with a cure. The loading time of all pages is shortened by caching. Since the page is completely stored in the cache, it is immediately preloaded and ready to be retrieved. 

But, what is cache?

The word cache is derived from French caches meaning to hide.

When someone visits your website, the visitor’s browser sends a request to your web server and database, which in turn sends back a dynamic web page. It can take several seconds, which can feel like an eternity. A WordPress extension like WP Rocket creates a static version of your website and content. Thanks to that, the page loads faster.

Cache reuses data so that visitors’ browsers do not have to send requests to the server at each visit. You speed up your website considerably, and the user experience is not affected at all.

WP Rocket automatically updates all cached files and ensures that the static files are “up to date” when you make changes to your website.

WP Rocket is easy to install and requires no code. You do not have to be a programmer to use the extension. It is very affordable and user-friendly.

WP Rocket has a clear explanation of cache, which you can read here.

Synchronizing with a Sitemap also speeds up upload time considerably.

The loading speed of your website depends largely on the visitor’s internet connection and browser. To avoid delays, WP Rocket GZIP compresses the page to adapt it to the respective browser and reduce the data volume. 

An overfilled Database is another factor that negatively affects the charging rate due to excessive, especially redundant data volumes. This can be cleared and optimized regularly via a manual command or timed. 

Images on websites are often large data packets that also take a long time to load. WP Rocket, therefore only loads the images that are in the visible area of ​​the screen, further optimizes them by adding missing attributes and thus saves long preload times. 

CSS, JavaScript and HTML files are minimized to save additional amounts of data. 

The order in which the files are loaded also plays a role. There is no idea if individual files are loaded even before the basic structure of the page is built up. WP Rocket places computationally intensive JavaScript files, especially at the end of the loading sequence, thus saving time in advance for the page structure. 

In addition, WP Rocket is compatible with CDN, Cloudflare, Multisite and enables trouble-free use on mobile devices.

WP Rocket is also suitable for e-commerce websites. In combination with various e-commerce programs, WP Rocket closes the checkout page when the user completes an online purchase and the user’s shopping cart. WP Rocket also makes a difference between simple visitors and registered and logged-in users on your website. Of course, the benefits of the WP Rocket plugin are specifically designed for logged-in users. Another advantage for you as a website owner is that WP Rocket is compatible with multilingual websites. By offering a few common languages, but at least English, you can increase your site’s reach many times over. For example, if you want to make your website multilingual, you can use the qTranslate, WPML and Polylang plugins, and you can be sure that WP Rocket works smoothly with these and other translation plugins. If you want to add more features to WP Rocket and have the knowledge, this plugin offers a variety of interfaces where you can further customize the code to your liking.

What does WP-Rocket cost?

As always, when you have found the best, it is not one of the free alternatives, but it is well worth its low price. Wp rocket offers several packages for single or multisite. They also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you request it within 14 days of your purchase. Future updates in the plugin are included in the packages as well.

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WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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