The Future of Digital Marketing

A decade ago, people did not have any idea of “digital marketing”. In a few years span its becomes cornerstone of marketing. Digital marketing means marketing your company or business using a plethora of digital technology such as websites, emails, mobile devices, social media, search engine, online advertisements and so on. The primary purpose of digital marketing is to create broad and detailed strategies to reach and connect with targeted customers and prospects. The latter-day marketing is completely diverse than a decennial ago, and digital marketing will create way more different and unique advancements in very near future.

The top predications for digital marketing in future:

  • AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the generic concepts that allow different systems and methods to establish thinking capacity like human. The whole marketing scenario can be tremendously changed by the extraordinary potentiality of AI. Previously voice recognition, interpretation, visual understanding everything does required intelligence of human but now a day’s AI doing these all tasks distinctly and successfully. Almost half of the marketers are considering AI to invest in digital marketing because AI marketing helps the company to understand who their target customers are. AI Marketing (AIM), in a relatively short period of time creak substantial amount of data from the web and social media platforms which allows marketer to focus on other relatively significant tasks.

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

In near future we can see a world connected with IoT. IoT is an interrelated system of computing devices, smart and mechanical machines, things, or people that are given with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to exchange data over a particular network. This communication does not require any person-to-person or person-to-computer network.

  • Chatbots: 

Chat bots is another aspects of AI-based program which are automated chatting system to response of any given customer query. The latter customers are everywhere in the internet. Face book, E-mails, twitter, instagram, message reminder etc. To attract and capture customer attention and queries, marketers must be ensure their presence in all sites to build an interactive communication. Chatbots can perform this task without any difficulty. It can help customers in recommendations of products and services of their choice. Marketers can automate their business, predict customer behavior, and so on. This technology is still in its growing stage. In future advanced bots will be powered by AI, assisting it to understand difficult request, personalization of responses, and improve communication with perspective customers.

  • Micro-moment Marketing:

The beginning of Micro-moment Marketing is created by the advancement of technology, especially with the opus and extensive use of mobiles and Smartphone’s.  It is game changer strategy for all marketers. Digital marketing assists brands to capture on particular moment and intent of customers to make implication of opportunities where customers are looking for particular products or services. This strategy is able to seizes user attention at the exact moment and create a strong brand awareness for all sized company. For early adopters it offers competitive advantage over their competitors. 

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing successfully generated a lot of interest over the last decades. In point of fact the amount of Google searches for “influencer marketing” has increased by 1500%. This is solely possible to represent the upcoming popularity of influential marketing in near future and therefore.  Affiliate marketing, discount codes and, competitions and giveaways are the kinds of influencer marketing campaign. The influencer marketing concept grasp the marketer’s attention because they just need a high quality content for their brand equivalently it need to have authenticity.

  • Block chain:

Block chain is a kind of technology can be described as a decentralized and shared ledger that simply recording process and tracking digital asset. Strong cryptography protects the blocks and contents inside the network.  In future, block chain will substitute the role of middleman in digital marketing. Block chain will offers secure social networking sites with genuineness so that it will be able to maintain transparency in social media ads. The information will be safe and private in between sender and receiver of the content.

  • Social Media Marketing

An excellent social media program works as a linchpin for digital marketing strategy. When it’s comes curve for social media, Marketers need to perceive and take the lead of all the competitors. As with changing habits, customs and lifestyles of mass people with the advent of technology, company should shape and design their communication style and vision to reach them with social media tools.

  • Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is able to help a company to rank itself in search engines results and makes it easy to find and reckon in. Mostly when people search for a product they just look through the first two pages of SERP. An accurate SEO can boost and rank a company website in the first page of SERP. It is an inbound marketing strategy which is totally customer centric. SEO is a free strategy to attract and acquire customers because its algorithm determines the best outcomes for any given search. Marketer should concentrate hard on SEO as this strategy has a great long lasting positive impact on various marketing aspects.

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective and vibrant way to reach and attract desired customers in order to advertise a company or a product. An email can play vital role in converting masses into purchaser through customer acquisition. It is a kind of strategy where marketer can go to a large number of buyers with minimal expenses. Its offers personal and customizable messages to building, maintaining and retaining relationship with all future, current and previous customers and assists to accelerate better response rate. In near future as well as now it’s a great tool for digital marketer to attract a large number of absolute customers.  

  • Voice Search:

With an increasing rate of use, voice search will dominate the future search landscape. It is anticipated that in coming years almost half of all online searches will be in voice search system. Instead of typing keywords or long sentences, it allows users to just tap on device and speak out what they want to look for. Though it is not a very new technology, but with the introduction of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google assistant we have experienced a technological revolution in search system. 

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